Junior Varsity is an artist’s collective and an aspirational space. We’re a community of roughly 150 artists (musicians, visual artists, playwrights, poets, prose writers, actors, performers, etc.) and art enthusiasts. We always welcome new workshop participants and audience members. If you'd like to see our monthly show, show up at Joie DeVine at 7:30 on the second Tuesday of the month. It's free and nobody is checking names at the door (although we will certainly warmly greet you and introduce ourselves once you're inside). 

As a collective, our goal is to create an inclusive and supportive environment for aspiring artists, while also emphasizing rigor and constructive critique. In addition to our monthly show, the keystone of our operation,  JV also includes The Syllab(us) Project, the Poetics Archive, the Varsity Reading Series, and the  JV podcast. 



Alex with Rose.jpg

Alex katsaropoulos

is a musician and songwriter from Indianapolis, Indiana who is involved in the music and recording scene around Chicago. He spends his time writing music, recording music, painting, and putting things together like Junior Varsity. Of the two producers, Alex deals with more of the tech side of things. 

Annabel Lang.jpg

Annabel Lang

is a poet and performer from Columbia, South Carolina who has written and performed plays put on at Neo-Futurists Theater and has performed her poems and writing at events around Chicago. She is the creative drive behind much of JV and is very connected to the writing community in the city. Annabel also loves dogs a lot.