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Junior Varsity: WE ARE ROBOT


This month at Junior Varsity we're exploring what it means to be human by taking a close look our facsimlies (how long has it been since I have used the word FACSIMILE—too long! The drought is over! Praises be!)! Where is the line between techonology as a tool and technology as an addiction? What do we lose when we insist on the divide between human and artificial intelligence? Where do we get off insisting we're more real? 

In conversation with this theme we have a line up that includes Jason Sebacher bringing in a play about tech-possessd teens, Alison Thumelwith poetry in the voice of Siri, Adam Gallegos and Eric Barton screening a movie of some kind, and Kate Hardiman with our first ever technologically facilitated poetics. 

See you there animontrons and animatrines.