Bodies - Junior Varsity Podcast

Join us as we chat with writer and visual artist Negesti Kaudo about writing the body, objectification, the challenges of anti-blackness in a literary workshop, what it means to be a human super nova and much much more. 

Due to technical difficulties, we won't have tape of our JV workshop this week (RIP Alex's former computer and condolences to his savings account). 

Additional note: this episode contains frank discussion of sexual objectification, fetishization, and racism. 

Thanks for listening!

Ingratitude - Junior Varsity Podcast

Terry Guest, actor, playwright, and writer swings by to chat with Alex and Annabel about the complexities of the American South and the inspiration behind his phenomenal play At the Wake of a Dead Drag Queen. We also get to hear about his very first production, a full-length re-mount of The Lion King in which he played all major characters and cast his younger brother and sister as Nala and the bird.  PLUS we have Rose Boyle at the workshop, reading her exquisite piece about grief and time.